Pass variable between Custom Input html and UiPath

Hi, during a registration process a webform will pop up for a user to enter details. I do this through Custom Input activity. Some elements should be pulled from a database and all the user has to do is check to confirm and fill out a few more forms.

I have 2 questions.

  1. How do I get the information from a DB into the webform? This can’t be a default value.
  2. How can I work with each element in the webform once it has been submitted? can I store them as variables in UiPath?

I attached the xaml and html. Hopefully that works. (11.5 KB)

Thank you!!!

Hai @JCH … Is your web form task is to fill the form manually or by bot?

Hey @JCH

There could be one possible solution is on your html form you can use jquery plugin and can call ajax with your server side script which will return a json script by querying your database and once you will get result you can parse it and by using jquery or javascript can set values to input forms on page load.

you can refer below attached sample solution for you. (12.3 KB)


Thank you, that worked!

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