How to validate a text field is not empty (or contains a value) using UiPath?

hi… I’ve just started learning UiPath. As part of a process, I have to verify that a partcular field of a web form is never empty and contains a value provided by the customer. How can I use UiPath to verify this?

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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a GET ATTRIBUTE activity and indicate on that field in web page and get the output of the attribute aaname or innerText or text

Here you go on how to use that Get Attribute activity

  1. Save the output as string variable named Strinput

  2. Then use a IF activity like this


If true it means it’s blank

Cheers @SR29

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Hi @SR29

You can use Get Text Activity - Indicate on the Text in the web form you need

Store the value in the Output Variable (GetValue)

Use If Activity

Condition - GetValue <> “” Or GetValue = Value provided by the customer

Hope it will helps.

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Thank you, Palaniyappan!

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Thank you Gokul!


Is there any further queries on this topic


No further queries… Thank you.

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