Getting error while starting Community Edition

I am getting below error when I open UiPath community edition exe (UiPathStudioSetup.exe).


It might have expired also as it was installed long back.

  1. How to get rid of this error?
  2. If my community license is expired, how to renew that?

Note: It shows “UiPath Studio” entry in installed program list in “Program and Features” of my computer.

Hello there,

Did you previously have Studio installed and activated licence on that device?
If so, you cannot have CE. You have to contact the support team in order for them to allow to have CE on that device.
Please do search forum before posting :slight_smile:
For the reference

Hi @ddpadil
Yes, I did have platform (Studio) installed after when I installed CE very first time. Now Studio version has expired. So I uninstalled Studio and re-launched UiPathStudioSetup.exe hoping CE will be available again.
But it is not working as it fails at activation step when it pops up Activation window and I choose “Start Free” option.
I have also gone through your “reference” given but there is no definite solution for this.
I have raised service request through “Support” link given by you.

Do you have any solution for this?

Is there a ‘standard’ way to resolve this. I am having the same issue.

Hi Anthony,

If you previously had Trial or Enterprise version, you cannot go back to using Community Edition(Start free). The standard way is to contact the support team, as Dilip suggested in the above post:

How do I contact ‘support’. License is required, correct? Information on
support seems confusing. Site indicates that ‘Community’ users do not
receive ‘Support’.

It’s true, Community users only get support here on the Forum. But this error: “Device ID already activated…” means that you previously had Studio activated with a license key. So you have to provide the license key that you had before. If you requested Trial, you will find it in the email.

Here is the support link form. Select Service request - Licensing:

I never had a license key, never entered a license key. I requested access
to community trial via webform. I got response via email at This is not a paid license.

Have you installed the .exe file or the .msi?


And before you had another version of UiPath? Just to be clear, it’s the same error message: “Device ID already activated…”?

How can I just start from scratch, totally remove UI Path from machine and reinstall CE? My issue is the issue as described by ‘abskulkarni’ above, Nov '17. I can provide the Device ID, if required.

Thanks for your assistance