License registration error for installation of community edition

I have a problem to activate community edition as below and cannot register uipath community edition;

license status: Device ID already activated

So, please let me know how to fix the problem.
As an additional information, I had installed commercial edition before but it has already uninstalled.
It might cause the problem.


@takashi_nakamura01 Check the below link

Dear Manjuts,

Thanks for your reply. I have installed UIPATH community edition in my system. Now the license has been expired. I am trying to renew the community edition getting the error as,
Activation failed with error: 0
Error description: Cannot use Community Edition on this machine after activating a trial or Enterprise license code. Please enter a valid license key.
License status: Device ID already activated

Device ID is: 8sqlWQ4i3Qtop+Ouj9ga

How can i renew the community edition?

@sundar did you installed trial or enterprise edition before installing community edition?

Hi Manju

Thanks for your reply I didn’t install Trail version (Enterprise edition) in the system.

Is it possible to release the device ID?

@sundar try below link once to activate uipath

If above method fails then you have to make request to uipath community team.

Hi Manju,

I have tried this method yesterday itself. No luck.

How can I contact uipath community team?

Hi @sundar

See here:

Hi Everyone
Currently I am using UIPath community edition

After creating a process, when i click on the run, a pop-up is displayed “Unable to start execution”
which says - To execute a process, please activate the license

Request you to kindly help

Hi @ganeshs09

Could you try a clean install from the 2019.4.2 installer? Please see this post I made here for a detailed instruction on how to reset your installation: