Getting error while copying file

Hi All,

I am getting error as the given path format is not supported while using copy file activity where i am passing variables in path ,

Please help me out, Thanks in advance.

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can you please tell me what value path you are passing in variable.

A Manohar

You need to give the variable(Path ) as a string with file extension to perform the copy action.

Extension might be missing in your variable and hence it throws error

Can you please let me know any thing like where i need to change?

Kindly confirm whether your are using as below

Input_Path :- Path of your file or folder
Eg:(C:\Users\ )


After input_Path use +“slash”+ and check.

and you tell me actual file path you are search for.

Sure row 0 isn’t the header line?

yes, its C:\Users\Folder\File_Name

row 0 is the value i am taking from data table which i am using to name file.

i am having \ in path itself which is stored in variable

Can you pls share the “* input_Path *” Value here

You mean to say that the below is your input_Path




can you please put the message box before the copy activity and share us what is in the Frompath and To path at the time of execution

Print and check your End_date and Row(0) .

Print "To " Value in message box and check whether path is getting framed properly

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yeah, got the issue , in to date was coming with time as 00:00:00 due to which was getting error.

Thanks for your time.

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