Could not find the part of the path

While using copy file activity. I give path in destination field to save my file. But it throws exception like “Could not find the part of the path”. How to resolve it.

Hi @Mahashankaripazhani

Try this out…

CopyFiles.xaml (7.4 KB)

I have done this to get a list of files from a particular folder. And loop through the file list and copy them to two different folders using the Copy file activity.

I think this is what you are looking for…

If this works, please mark the answer as the solution to help others as well :slight_smile:

It’s Not working. Even i created my project flow in ‘E’ drive. But throws same exception

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what filepath are you giving? absolute or relative?

does the directory exists?

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Hi @Mahashankaripazhani,

You should have the complete path along with the file name and at a time you can have only one file copied from one path to another, so you can do with get directory.getFiles and then inside for each files you can copy to the destination path

Let us know if this helps

Pavan H


@Mahashankaripazhani I’m not sure if your case would be similar, but when I got this error for the Move File Activity it got resolved when i removed unacceptable file name special characters like / : etc. Maybe you can check if you have any of those in your new file name and remove them.


how to copy files to different folders equally or by percentage (like 40 files to 1st folder and 30 files to 2nd folder and also it will give what type of files we are moving… is that possible…?


@DavisUI every file path has this special character how did you remove it .could you give one example?

@Mahashankaripazhani did you got the solution please share it. i am getting this error in copy activity and in get file method .

Hi @deepa.barode. In my case, the file names were stored in excel and so could be easily changed with a Find&Replace. Where is your file name/path stored?

store the file in any drive like ‘C’ drive or ‘D’ drive. If your file name comes with data field. Eg:31/05/2019. replace / by space or ‘-’. then it will work.

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for me , i closed all opened windows and its solved