Copy File Not working


Copy file in my workflow isn’t working. I’ve tried several different paths (FileName, Item, and a combination with the original folder) and none workConsolidated Excel Search.xaml (28.0 KB)


May i know what error are you getting ?


Change this in the copy file from path then it will work,

"C:\Users\MichaelC\Desktop\Native Doc Search Test\"+Path.GetFileName( Filename)

It doesn’t say just the box is highlighting red

you are passing a fullpath and the excel file full path, thats why it is not working, check as I mentioned in my previous post in this thread.

kindly have a view on this

where the COPY FILE activity will take the first parameter as The path of the file to be copied and second parameter with destination path where the file is to be copied.

Cheers @sparkplug93