File path is not correct

Hi all I used the copy file activity to change the path .But am getting the below error,

This is the xaml file,
test_filename (3) (2).xaml (8.1 KB)

Can I know whats wrong in that!?

Thanks in advance.

Have you included file name in the destination path?
You have to include the file name too.

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Hi @sushmithaelluru

This happens because your filename has characters that are not supported in Windows filenames. Try manually renaming the file to the output of your current date and you will see that it is not possible:
11/29/2018 12:31:25

You need to format your DateTime string first to remove the special characters :slight_smile:

Try this:


Ya @loginerror, thanks for the reply. Its working now.

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But with the time format you mentioned(hhmmss), will not understand the time…

You can freely shuffle the placeholders to create your own format. See here for a list of available placeholders: