Read Range activity error--Help

Hi, can anyone have the resolution for this error:
Every time while reading Excel file in loop i am getting this error, I have to read 3 excel and each excel file have 2 lakh of data. Sometime after reading two excel file, it s throwing this error , sometime after one.
Not able to replicate the exact issue.


Use a Kill process activity between each of read range activity which reads that excel file

That is first use a read range activity from excel application scope and then use a Kill process activity with ProcessName property mentioned as “Excel”
Again use a excel application scope and a read range activity for second excel
Then a kill process
And another read range and a kill process

This will ensure that excel application is killed the moment it is used and read the data

Try with latest excel package
Go to UiPath studio → design tab-> manage packages-> all packages and upgrade excel package

Cheers @Anjali_Rani

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Hi Thank You.
This is not worked for me.
But, I got the solution after so many trials.
Instead of Excel application scope, I used Read Range Workbook Activity and it solved my Issue.

Thank you.
Happy Automation :grinning:

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