Getting error in click activity

Hi I am getting this error constantly I have tried other activities also like recording click ,I have change the selectors also. than also same issue I a getting.
The new web window opens in that I have used the click activity.
any help friends
thank u for help and support.
in advance

Is the Simulate click property enabled in the property panel of click activity
Kindly enable that and try once and also ensure that if this click is done inside a window then use attach window activity and then use the click activity within it
Or if it’s a browser use attach browser activity and then click activity inside it

Cheers @shivendrasingh

yes it is true

Fine did we try with CLICK IMAGE activity
Cheers @shivendrasingh

when I click on tab it opens a new window and in that window that tab is their which I am trying the click

Then use attach window activity and try with click activity with simulate click enabled
Or use Get Active window activity and then next to that use click activity with simulate click enabled
we can use click image activity
Cheers @shivendrasingh

let me try
than I will connect with you .

thanks for help

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getting error friend
I have used attach window activity and than click activity

If possible for u can you show me example.

Can I have a view in the element that we are trying to click if possible with a screenshot
Cheers @shivendrasingh

Hi @shivendrasingh,

Have you tried using Anchor base click activity?
drag and drop anchor base.
drag and drop find element activity inside Anchor and indicate the button/click element
drag and drop click activity inside anchor base in the activity section (do not indicate the selectors in click activity)

Hope this will work for you!


here are selectors

Fine Try with click image activity once without any attach window activity
Cheers @shivendrasingh

I will try this deepak and gate back to u

simple it works frnd,
but when I connect to flow chart it get error

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Awesome may I know what was the error
Cheers @shivendrasingh


Kindly upload the image again @shivendrasingh

@shivendrasingh, open the UI Explorer to adjust the properties of the selector into a more reliable one.