Click on Ui element

I’m not able to click the element(Add Employee) present in the page. Everytime when page is refreshed the click activity fails to indicate.I tried using Click element,click image,click text.

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@Niki21 - is ‘add Employee’ image or a text? please share the click activity selector?

use anchorbase and try once!

Please check the selectors of parent window is not changing

Hi @Niki21
Try using aaname="*" or remove aaname. don’t use parendID. try to use class

Try -
aaname='*Add Employee*' tag='A'

CLICK IMAGE activity would work for sure

Where as use this inside a GET ACTIVE WINDOW ACTIVITY
Once after opening this window use this get active window activity and place the click image activity inside it
Enable simulate click

Cheers @Niki21