Getting error - All Processes in BoT are failing for a single error(Need steps to analyze issue)

Hello Dear UiPath Community,

‘System.Activities.TextExpressionBase`1’ from assembly ‘UiPath.Workflow, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null’

I understood from some topics on the rootcause of the issue. But I wonder how to identify whether I used community or Enterprise dev license for a process and its version. Any help is highly appreciated.

If you are using any package which is higher than any available in Enterprise version then it won’t work. You lower the versions available to match with Enterprise and publish. To Check the packages you can check it in manage packages.

You can check the Version in The Studio here if you click on Home

Hello @sa-rpa-portal-001

If you wanna check whether you used community or Enterprise dev license for a process and its version :

  1. Frstly, Open the UiPath Studio
  2. Go to the ‘Help’ tab in the top menu.
  3. In the right side section you can able to see the version of UiPath Studio and can see whether you are using the Community Edition or the Enterprise Edition based on the information provided.

If you are using the Enterprise Edition, you might need to check your license information in the UiPath Orchestrator or consult your organization’s license administrator for more details about your specific license type and version.

Thanks @vinitha_yachamaneni . But how to do the same verification to see the BoT version. Can we have it auto upgraded in BoT? because in local for studio it will prompt for the latest version available and we can upgrade if required just by selecting ‘Yes’.

Hi @sa-rpa-portal-001

Same as the above screenshot you can view it in the Help tab Where you can see the both the Studio and the Bot version.

Could Not Load Type System Activities TextExpressionBase 1 From Assembly UiPath Workflow

Root Cause: One of the reason for getting this error is the compatibility between the Robot and package created by the Studio version.


  • For e.g. if package was created in higher version of Studio 23.4 and the Robot version in prod environment is 22.10 then Robot will not able to resolve the packages and it’s dependency.

Mostly products are back word compatible but not forward compatible. hence make sure the version of Robot is same in all the environment.

  • Another reason of “could not load type x package” error comes when package is not available or downloaded or facing issue in accessing the package due to access related issue or authentication.

As part of troubleshooting, check whether that package related to activity throwing error is available in %userprofile%.nuget\package folder and has full permission to access it.

In order to verify in which Studio version did you publish your process, you will need to open the project.json file and take a look for studioVersion value.


For the auto-update feature, you will need to check this documentation: Orchestrator - Auto Updating Client Components