What version of UiPath activity is running on Robot?

We are running version 2018.2.4 of UiPath Studio, Robot and Orchestrator. I would like to know how I can confirm what version of a UiPath activity package is currently being used on a robot… please note, UiPath Studio IS NOT installed on the robot, so using Studio to look up the package version is not an option.

Can someone help me with this?

If you navigate to C:\Users\bot_username\.nuget\packages you can see which packages are installed for the robot to use. This doesn’t necessarily show what version each process is using but it should help you narrow it down.

Thanks! I’ll take a look!

Hi @tclukay

if you are using the Orchestrator to run the processes, In the orchestrator there is an option to check what version is currently being executed.

In the orchestrator, in processes page, if you expand one process, there it shows which versions are available and which one is currently in use.

Let know if this helps!!

Thanks… this will help tremendously eventually… but not until after our next upgrade. The timing of our upgrade last year, unfortunately, wasn’t the best. We upgraded right before all this new package version control and visibility stuff came out. :frowning: Unfortunately, there are no package management screens like that in our current version of Orchestrator…

But this is a great reminder of why we need to schedule another upgrade soon! Thanks.

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