Bot version can be determined?

Hi All, out of curiosity, suppose i have developed an application in 18.4.3 enterprise version and if i try running on BOT machine through Orchestrator, how would we determine the BOT machine has the same version. Or Does Bot machine has Uipath?. Can anyone please provide clarity on it, i will be very thankful.


UIPath Studio - will use for designing our business process

UIPath Robot - will use for executing our processes designed by studio

With the Enterprise Edition of studio, we can use install either UIPath studio or UIPath robot or both.

Once you configued your robot machine with orchestrator and go to Machines page and there you can find installed robot version.

Once you create a business process in Uipath Studio 18.4.3 version, does Uipath Robot machine will have Uipath Studio?. Or How does it know that business process designed in 18.4.3 and features come along with the same, will be running fine in Robot machine designed in the particular version?.


UIPath studio installer comes with both components like UIPath Studio and Robot.

If you installed both Studio and Robot then it contains both. For more info, please check below thread.