Getting entire row data to new excel sheet

could any please help us to solve the issue…
how to get entire row data from one excel sheet to new excel sheet.


Hi ,

you can use row.ItemArray to retrieve all the item from a row …


You can use read row activity to read the individual row which is a bit tough to write the values to another excel or you can use the read range activity and provide the specific range to get the values which will give you the output in the datatable format so that you can write it to another excel directly using write range.

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Haiii @lavanya_reddy u can use read range and mention row’s range which y want to write in other Excel sheet & use write csv activity

1.use read range activity in the excel application scope for get the excel sheet.
2.then use for each activity for get the item row by row. for coping the excel sheet to another excel sheet, use copy file activity.
(Or) use write csv for store data to another excel file.
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hi @lavanya_reddy
which is simple to do
1.initially use excel application scope=>take read range activity (inwhich create one output and don’t change anything within that aspecially that quotes " " ,b’coz which reads the entire table)
2.use for each activity (put the above created variable in VB expression field)=>use write CSV activity (inside the body of the for each activity)…
hpy learning… :grinning:

Hi Lavanya, for this you need to use read range and write range activity. This is part of this demo, please have a check, it may help you

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