How to copy entire row in one excel and paste in to excel

Hi Team,

I have 2 Excel named as A and B excels.
I want to copy the entire row in a A excel and paste into B excel .

Please help me to slove the issue

Thanks in advance…

Hi @Baby123 ,
1.You can store the data rows of the excel in a list or in the other data table.
2.Then try to write that data table in the other excel.
Any doubts please let me know…

Or else you can go through this post(another way):

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Shubham Dutta

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  1. Use Read Range Activity to read both excel(A and B).
  2. Use merge datatable activity

Xaml is attached
MergeDatatable.xaml (5.3 KB)


Hi @Shubham_Dutta and @muthuraj.c ,

Thank You for your support.

Before deleting the entire row I have one condition like
In A excel , if column 1 and column 2 both are not same at that time I need to copy the entire row form A excel then paste in to another excel like B excel.

Thank you for suggesting balareva but I want use UiPath activities only.

Please suggest


Try This


DT_A.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(Datarow) Datarow(1).ToString <> Datarow(2).ToString).CopyToDataTable

Sample Xaml is attached
MergeDatatable.xaml (7.9 KB)


Hello @Baby123

Please check the below video. You can compare the two datatable and get the similar and disimilar rows and then merge both.

Hi @Baby123 ,
1)If you want to use only uipath activities then what you can do keep for each row datatable for excel A in outer loop and for each row datatable for excel B in inner loop put an if condition in which you can check with “AND” operators for eg:
2)if: row_excelA(“col1”)=row_excelB(“col1”) AND row_excelA(“col2”)=row_excelB(“col2”) and so on…
3)then if match is true then delete that row from excel A datatable and use add data row activity to add that row to wherever you want.

Thanks & Regards,
Shubham Dutta

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