How to get an entire row contents from multiple files in Excel?

Hi guys,

I have been trying to solve this problem for a couple of days, but finally here.

I need to get the first row of sheet in multiple excel files, and paste into another file.

I tried read range workbook with ‘For Each’ so I can read it from multiple files, and write range into another file, but I have not got successful result yet. Can you help me here guys? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Iutrtw_P

you can use this custom activity to retrieve the first index of your all datatables and the write or append it to the sheet you want


It says like this, how can I install it?

It is just for windows - Legacy projects


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You can try like this…

  1. Use for each loop on the files
  2. Use read range and then read all the data starting with the row like say A2
  3. Use assign with dt = dt.AsEnumerable.Take(1).CopyToDataTable
  4. Use merge datatable or append range activity to write the dt to another datatable or excel

Hope this helps


thanks Anil for your knowledge, let me try this and get back to you!

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