Get URLs using a loop :(

Hello everybody,

Do you have any idea on how I can retrieve the URLs included in the A tag (See photo below).

thank you in advance

If you can get everything as a string, then use Regex to extract all the urls:


Use the UiPath ‘Matches’ activity:

@ronanpeter When I use this method I have a lot of URLs in output and suddenly it doesn’t really help me to have what I want

I think is better to use find children activity to get all A inside the UL with class category-menu…

I don’t understand, anything between “href=” and the next space in your string will be grabbed (i.e. your URLs) and added to a collection in the output. You can split this collection individually via a For Each loop if that is what you mean?

I use the activity find children but on output I have only the URL of the active page.
I’ll attach the process …
Main.xaml (15.4 KB)

The problem is that at the output I get a lot of urls which I don’t need.
In fact I only want to retrieve the urls of class=“_subcategories subcategory-menu subcategory-menu–level-2 subcategory-menu–current” (see photo above)

Maybe you have scope problem, are you using DESCENDANTS?

I would use the Find Children and then either a For Each loop on the results such as suggested here to grab the urls from each element:

or use a regex filter as I suggested to isolate the urls

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