Extract data from each link in website

Hi All,

I am working on extracting data from a website.
Using data Scraping , i extracted the name of each data.

I would require help in creating a loop that will click on each of this name inside website.
(after clicking it opens a small window that i will save as a PDF)

Thanks in advance for help, please let me know if you need more information.

In the data scrapping you may extract the correlated url as well.
Can you try navigating those url’s using Navigate to activity, if this solve your problem?

If not , we can use find children activity and then loop through each element one by one to perform the actions

Hi Sourav,

There is no URL for this , and i even tried the correlated URL coudnt find.

But it would help if i can click on each names.

you can use find children activity. It returns the collection of uielement which you can loop through and work with one by one.

Please look in our activity guide and other forum posts to get an example on how to use it.