How to get href value from for each loop?

I need to get href values from each li element. To do this I used find children with selector to certain UL and retrieved all LI. After that I put each LI in for each loop and used get attribute “href”. Message box returns empty box :C Image to visualise. Appreciate for help.

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—if possible can I have a view on the property panel of find children activity

I hope we might be missing with some properties
No worries
This can be resolved

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Hi, thanks for answer :slight_smile:

here are the properties: ask

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in scope property choose FIND_DESCENDANTS

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Still the same :frowning: Adding the photo of get attribute properties and the whole sequence

hmmm this should work or there can be only one reason
may i know what element is been chosen
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I need to extract href value. The element is single

  • , defined as item in my code.