Get all the hyperlinks (Child pages links) from a website

Hello RPA folks,

I am having a small hurdle in my automation, I need to go to a website and get all the child links associated (hyperlinks) from the main page so that I can loop through each link.

Did anyone work on this kind of scenario?

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Usually such scenarios are bound to some sections (eg Product list, Search results) and can be combined with the datascraping.

As anothe option Find children acivity can be used:
let point the selector to the webpage
configure the the filter to <webctrl tag='A' />
set the find scope to FIND.DESCENDANTS

it will return a collection of found a elements
within a for each actvity (Set type argument to UiElement) the urls can be retrieved as following:
Assign activity:
left side: url (Datatype is String)
right side: item.Get(“url”).toString

maybe you can share the URL or a screenshot from the Webpage

In my scenario, I will be getting a website link and I need to get all the child links and need to loop through each link.

The above solution did not work for me.

Just wanted to say: I was trying to Find children on “Our Crafts •” and was getting nowhere. This small fix worked beautifully. Thank you!

@prasadyadav.mondyagu - is it resolved ?