Get Transaction Status of current Transactionitem

Hi Community

How can I get the transaction status of the current TransactionItem from the queue?

I need to assign it to a variable.

Thank you

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Hi @ChrisPals,

  • Use GetTransactionItem activity

  • Assign Queue Name and Output

  • TransactionItem.Status (TransactionItem is a output variable) will give you the current Item’s Status - Returns as QueueItemStatus

  • TransactionStatus.ToString will give you the status as String

Here is the example QueueStatusVariable.xaml (4.5 KB)

Hope you got the answer! :slightly_smiling_face:
Cheers @ChrisPals


@kuppu_samy In your example the status will be always InProgress. GetTransactionItem returns an item that had the status New but, before, it will set it as InProgress

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Yes @badita,

But if you process the reprocessed transaction item, the things might change, right?