Get Transaction Item with specific condition

How can we get a specific Transaction Item from Orchestrator Queue?

In Orchestrator Queue we have Transactions Items as below
Transaction: Completed/ Inprogress

So only the Transaction Item with Completed and having specific Id should be Extracted

Hi @anmita

The Id you mention, is it in the specific content or the id of the queue item?

You can use the Get Queue Items activity to query all queue items from a particular queue in a specific status, but can only filter on Reference and not Specific Content.

If it is the queue item Id, you can use API to get that specific queue item and check the status.

Hii @grkiran2

The Id is of specific content for example EmpId that way

So depending on if it is completed and date is for example DDYYYY then it should return the Id for that transaction item

Thanks and Regards

we could use the Orchestrator REST Api for such a retrieval

Prototyping we can do with Swagger