How Can I retrive the Date and Vender Id From the Queue?

I have made a queue that content the details like Date And Vender Id Now i want to retrieve it back from the Queue So How can i do i Used Get Queue Item and get Transactions Activity i don’t Know Please Can Anyone Explain Step by step.

Hi @ajay0007,

you can use the Get Transaction Item activity to extract data from the queue. The output of that activity is a QueueItem variable. This will return one item at a time with the status “New” in orchestrator.

You can then use that variable as follows to get values from the queue…

assume the QueueItem variable is VendorInfo


Next option is: use the get queue item activity. This will return all the records with a specific status (you can specify that in the activity property) The output of this ill be Enumerable

in this case, you can use a For Each activity with argument type Uipath.Core.QueueItem and loop through it. in the for loop, you can again use the below command to get the data from the queue…



Hope it heps!!



yeh!! it help me lot thanks but now it is not extracting all the information i have 180 entries in my queue but it is extracting only 140 Entries ?