Problem with On element Appear

Hi all,
i’ve a problem with the assignment no. 2 with dispatcher, in particular on activity on element appear, it doesn’t work. This is the selector.
If i understand correctly this element is important to view if the page number is available, but why it failed?
The selector is that


Thanks in advice

Try Converting in_TransactionItem To Integer as Like Belw.

Cint(in_TransactionItem .ToString)…


Check the same selector with element exist… to verify whether the selector is working or not.

Please mark this as resolved if it works.


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Still the same, i did a write line and the value at first run is “1” of transactionItem, so is possible that it must be “2”? Namely the next page?


What is the value that your passing in In_transaction_Item ?

1 or 2 ?

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At first run 1.
I’ve assigned in GetTransactionData In_TransactionItem = Transaction number, and only then increment Transaction number by 1.

Before i do this.


You should increment like below in assign activity.

if In_TransactionItem .Equals(“1”)

In_TransactionItem =In_TransactionItem +1

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In else condition?

Not In Else

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Even if this is a string? @Ankumarm

@Ankumarm at first run TransactionItem is 1, On element appear doesn’t work for activity timeout exceeded. What’s wrong? The selector is the same of the documentation on academy

why would you want to click in page 1 if you are already on it? :slight_smile:

@bcorrea at first run, transactionItem is 1, so go directly trough On element appear, but goes in timeout, at second run go trough else and click the next page.


i guess is all about choice right? but would look nicer if you started your transaction at 2 then and not one… still it should be an integer and not text, or you cant increment it…

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Yes i’ll try your choice but why “on appear activity” goes in timeout?

When the value is “2”, it goes into timeout? then the best is to try the selector in ui explorer to make sure it works before trying the whole project.

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Yes the same, i’ll check, thanks.

Basically, the “on appear activity” check if you are in the same page of the transactionItem and perform the activities inside Do, is correct?

to be honest, i would not use it, but again is a choice of how you make things happen, maybe is better the Element Exists activity…

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try setting repeat forever to false for on element appear

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@bcorrea What’s the difference between this two?
In this case do the same thing or not?


on element appear means that the execution of the next activity will start only when the element appear, no matter how long the wait is as long as u configure it right.
element exist means that the robot executes the checking of the element if it is there, then pass a boolean variable with either true or false values which can be used in an if activity to determine the next course of action

interesting fact: on element appear functions the same as element exist on a while/do while loop