Assignment 2: In Get transaction data page exist is getting failed

Hi Team , I am trying to run the 2nd assignment and its failing at activity “NextPageExist” in Get transaction data sequence

I have attached the selector of activity and result of it , please help I am thinking might be some issues with selectors as its failing to verify the next page

Result of activity

****Selector ****

I changed the selector content to "<webctrl aaname='"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"' tag='A' />" but still same

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Hi @Jailani_naganoor

Have you tried to check if the in_TransactionNumber has a value ?

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Hi @pattyricarte
Yes I tried printing in_Transactionumber before checking if exist , it printed output as “1” and then activity failed again and went to false section.

But , when I changed the default value of TransactionNumber to “2” in Main and then ran project again , it printed as "2 " and executed Tue section .

So its failing only when the default value is one for transactionNumber.

Also, I can just read all the data from work items without doing that all previous stuff and can upload the data to orchestrator queue .
Is that okay if I remove all other things and use process to just upload the work items with type “WI4” ?


Until you are executing the whole thing, you can upload anything to Orchestrator :slight_smile:

Good day @Jailani_naganoor

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Thank you guys , I managed to upload the work items of type “WI4” and with status of “Open” to the Orchestrator and removed the other stuff checking if element exist .
Thank you , I will post again if any issues in Processor .