Get the exact large number from the excel file

Hello everyone!
I don’t know how to get large number from the excel, which is “379892013159762” and when I try to write it but it writes “3.79892E+14”
Does anyone knows how to handle this?
@Yoichi san, Onegaishimasu.

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There are two ways

  1. Either change the type of that column to Text in excel file itself and then try to update the data to it so that it doesn’t convert to this format

  2. Or if the file is getting generated dynamically and can’t be set as a template then you have again two options

  • you can use single quote before to the value like this “ ‘ “+ yourvalue.ToString something like this for your reference

  • or you can use Balareva activity - a custom component from UiPath marketplace to change the format of that column as text

Or in addition u can try with this method also which was discussed earlier in forum

Hope this helps

Cheers @Temuulen_Buyangerel


Hope this clarifies @Temuulen_Buyangerel

Hi @Temuulen_Buyangerel

Check on this

Hope this helps!!

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Read the excel using workbook activities and uncheck preserveformatting option

This should solve

Even on normal read range try with raw values option instead of display values


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The following topic helps you.


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Hi @Temuulen_Buyangerel ,
With large value you can use generic or object variable in output of activity read cell
to use it, we can convert to String

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Let us know for any further clarification

I tried this one and works fine
Thanks for solution!

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