Couldn't Change General format to Text format in EXCEL

Hi Mates,
I am not getting any workaround here, if anyone has any idea pls share here.


  • I am reading an input file by using Excel Application scope->Read Range.
  • It is actually a number but user kept in general format
  • so it is showing like the below (Exponential ā€˜E+ā€™):
  • image
  • so the account number is coming in the process like this:
  • image
  • Please help me to get it in Number or (more preferable) TEXT format
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HI @Sun_Dar,

If you change the format as a number. I will show with exponential . you can use the below activity.

in cell format property. just specify as ā€œ0ā€.

if you want to set the entire column, you can specify the column-like ā€œC:Cā€ in the cell property.

here is the video.


Hello @balupad14,
I have already seen your post. but unfortunately, I am not allowed to use any activities other than UiPath Official :frowning:

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You can convert it to normal format like this:

NormalNumberString = Decimal.Parse("1.17751151932438E+16", System.Globalization.NumberStyles.Float).ToString
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That is a simple one you can use a vb script and invoke it using invoke vba.

Thats it.


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Hello @ptrobot,
Thanks for your insights,
But unfortunately, it is not working for the requirement.
For 99140331620000000 it is resulting as 99140300000000000

Hi @Sun_Dar!

The result is correct for the input 9.91403E+16

If you had converted 9.914033162E+16 instead you would have gotten what you have expected. (That is the value in the screenshot from your first post.)

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