Excel Formating 8.23+15

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I have data in excel and when i was looping the data it is coming like 8.25591E+15 Instead of 8255909793944460

Attached snapshot for reference



Hi @Putta_Sri_Sai_Rishik_Chow ,

Can you change the column format of the Excel column to text and check?


The data is coming from end user so we need to download the excel and automate.

@Putta_Sri_Sai_Rishik_Chow , refer to the following thread:

This explains how to convert column/ whole sheet to text type using VBA.



While reading please try reading rawvalue instead of display value

Or if you are using workbook or old excel activities make sure to remove preserve formatting


I was using gdrive spreadsheets anil. there is no option to remove preserve formatting


Okay thats new info…But fine…can you download and then read it…or is it supposed to be read only from gdrive directly?


it is supposed to read only from drive anil.

Do you remember we need to remove the row which contains x right… You have given querry.

After applying the querry and when i was writing back to same sheet the format is changing for some fields.


I need to write the data in to another sheet… while i was writing the data some of the rows were getting 8.25E+15 like that.

Attached snapshots below. ( I was using spreadsheets (gdrive))



Need to write in correct format.


If you are using new Excel Activity there is an option in properties to “Keep format”, please tick it and try again.

I was using gdrive spreadsheets


Here is the properties of write range

Hi @Putta_Sri_Sai_Rishik_Chow

After writing the data into the excel, run the following VBA code, so that any data like 8.25E+15 in the entire sheet will be set back to normal:

Sub sampleMacro()
   Selection.NumberFormat = "0"
End Sub

Keep this code in a text file, use Invoke VBA activity, give the text file path & set the entry method as sampleMacro.





Edit: This might not work if you are dealing with gdrive spreadsheet.

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Hi @Putta_Sri_Sai_Rishik_Chow

Give try to this

Hope this might help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes arjun… so any other approaches

I was using gdrive spreadsheets

Yeah you will need to find the correct “Google” or “GSuite” way to achieve this. To be honest I never really used Google Spreadsheets, except for simple stuff.

I installed the package and saw this option, maybe it helps when reading the DT into UiPath Studio, but I haven’t gotten around to test it myself.

Also make sure (if that’s possible within Google Spreadsheet) if you can “assign” a cell value to the cells/columns then please do that. Like “Number” or “Value” etc., it might help also

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