Convert Column to Text

How do I convert exponential form to text form using uipath ? For example, 3.58232783E+15 in a data column to 358232783405688420? Thank You

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I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply. However, i am having an error below. May I know Why? Thanks

Source: Read range

Message: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

Exception Type: IOException

Are you using two excel activities in the workflow?

If not simply open the excel once and close it again manually… it might not have closed properly!

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I have restart my computer and open the file again and i got the same error. I guess the problem is within the code. I will look into it. Thanks.

Make sure your excel file isn’t open while your robot it running!

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I finally got it. Many thanks.

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Sorry to bother you again. Although i got the strings of numbers i want. However, when i write cell on B8. It turn outs to be the same. May I know the reason why ?

The message box got the number i want. However, when i write into the cell is different

Can you please show me your workflow?
Would be even better if you could upload it.

This is the file. Thank You
Excel_Operations.xaml (10.4 KB)


In write cell activity put
“'” + varCardNumber ,that is preceed your number with single quote! that’ll make excel recognise it as text!

Let me know if it works!

Hi Sir,

It is still the same.

It is still the same


You have to put ’ between the double quotes!
" ’ " ,spaces are only to make you understand,do not give spaces! :slight_smile:

Thank You Sir !!