Get Text From WINDOWS 10 Calculator and pasting it into a Data Table. I am Stucked!

Hi everyone, I have a doubt. I need to do some operations using windows 10 calculator and pasting the result into a data table and then pass that DT to and excel sheet. Is important to say that windows 10 calculator has not MENU options, so the only thing i can do is use the Get Text activity into results panel (if u know another options would be great!!)

I was doing it rigt but, in the recording seq, when i get the tex from Calculator Result, it takes the result and some text (“Result display is 0,8” for example)…
So…how can i take this result and extract just the number, i mean to pass this Generic Value variable to a Double??

Thanks for all!

Can you use regex to just only display the numbers?

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(YOUR VARIABLE HERE, “[^0-9]”,"")

For example?

Hi cotly, thanks for the response. I decided to download the Windows 7 calc to do the thing easier.
Now i can copy using edit menu and clicking copy. Then i get the result and store it in a new variable…but when i want to write the results on excel sheet it appear without comma. For example 6,9 goes to 69 in excel sheet.

Im closer but not solved yet

On Windows 10, you can just use Send Hotkey Ctrl+c to the calculator text result object manipulating the selector (Result display is *) and then retrieve the value with the Get From Clipboard activity.
if you dont want to manipulate the selector, you can just send the CTRL+C hotkey to the calculator application and it works as well, even if I would prefer the previous way as it is cleaner.