How to get the Windows Calculator Result in to Excel

Hi i want to grab the result from Windows10 calculator to paste into Excel please help to grab the data

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yah ofcourse
we can use GET TEXT activity if we are able to select the result of the calculator as individual elements

we can use SCREEN SCRAPPING METHOD from design tab

–the output of either of the above mentioned method will be a string variable
–we can use write cell activity with that string variable as input and the cell position where to insert that value (place this inside the excel application scope passing the file path as input)

Cheers @Shriharsha_H_N

@Shriharsha_H_N what all a calculator can do you can implement that in Excel using formulas, if you are just trying to learn then its fine but does not make good value to do clicks or hotkeys in calculator and storing them in excel.

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