Get text saved in a variable and printed in Message box


My sequence made a calculation with the calculator of windows.
Then it extract with Gettext the result from here
and save it in a variable.
Then it print the variable in a message box.
But instead of the number I get a message “Historique en cours”.
Why the variable doesn’t contain the result on the calculator screen ?


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i’m getting the result as expected can i see your Selector

Hi Pradeep_Ship,
What do you mean by Selector?
See below the debugging of my sequence

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv,
Sorry there was a mistake in my writting of your surname

which activity you are using?

I use GetText to read the result from the calculator.

See blew the entire sequence

@Nivo you just need to use click activities to type the numbers. There is no need of type into activity.

Thanks, I still don’t have the result in the message box.
The gettex doesn’t get the result written on the calculator screen.

Hi @Pradeep_Shiv,
See below the selector for the gettex

Did u edit the ctrl name? it seems u did “Resultat” keep it as it is by default.

Thank you @isssoftwarehive
I didn’t remember that I modified the ctrl name but when I create a new gettext without changing the ctrl name I get the result of the calculation in my variable :slight_smile:

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