Calculator automation

Hi all,

My automation is about retrieving the values from Excel and do calculations using calculator n enter the result in a column in existing excel sheet.

As of now I have processed until the calculations but that output is storing in my excel sheet. So, could anyone please help me.

Kiran .

Not* storing

Hi @Kiran_Kumar2

Have you use write range ,write cell or append range to update data in excel

Yes, I’ve used but the problem is in retrieving the result from calculator and storing it in existing Excel column

Hi @Kiran_Kumar2

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Kindly print the output value and check whether the variable as value or blank.

And let me know which activity you are using to get the output value from calculator.

Since, I tried with “get text” activity, but I got the output value as blank. So I tried with “Get Attribute” activity and gave attribute as ‘name’.

Try this method and let me know whether it’s working or not.

Feel free to reach us at any time if you have doubts. Thanks.

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Yes, I tried “get text” and got the output value as blank. Didn’t use " get attribute" will try out once and will let you know later

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Hello bro. I am working on the same automation. Could you help??

@Kiran_Kumar2 Can you try get visible text


Hi Kiran
Use Get Full Text activity …It’s working for me