Get text error when it has a value

I have a get text activity where i want to retrieve some text. Note! this has worked before, but out of the blue it cant retrieve the output anymore . It also has a value in the get text property so very strange

As u can see it has a value, its validated and even highlighted

Hi @langsem,
You should probably not use idx when using the selectors, It often fails. Try getting some stable selectors which doesnt fluctuate.

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I found the mistake, i have a element exist function and forgot to assign the dynamic variable to that so it skips to next line. But can i ask u another question. I have a date match function that checks if the date matches, but i want a margin of 5 days + and -

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you have functions to add or subtract days from a date.

i use compare date function, but that only gives output 0 etc

Which expression are you using to compare now.

Compare date activity.

but to make it more easier i have date1(13.10.2020) then date2(15.10.2020)
i simply want a if statement that says if date2 its more than 5 days older or newer it should go false else go true

Refer this @langsem