'Get Text' Activity Intermittently Not Extracting Accurate Data

Hi there, 50% of the time, the Get Text Activity isn’t functioning as it should.

50% of the time, it only extracts dashes

It’s supposed to extract this whole text

I already identified the correct Class and IDX of the text field but it is still breaking intermittently. Appreciate your help here. Thanks.

Hi @andrea.ong

Try using the attributes like inner text or aaname in your selector and wild card them so that it will fetch the dynamic values each time!


feel free to share with us the html element structure for:

  • working example
  • not working example

so we can inspect more in detail

Good suggestion! Tried adding it but it doesn’t seem to want to validate

Hi @andrea.ong

Try wildcarding the aaname attributes fully and also check with the title attribute and wild carding the dynamically changing part!


This worked! Thank you so much

Andrea Ong.

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