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is it possible to get color of a string in a field of a desktop application? I see only activity related to color in excel activities but this is standalone application.

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Hi @mario
Check this post
How to get text color from web page? - #2 by Raguvarthan

Seems to be helpful but I am not able to find activity Get full text with native…

hi @Mario
Check below post

do it with screen scrapping you will get full text with native

Ashwin S

hi @Mario

use set range color activity based on iteration you can set color to particular cell

Ashwin S

But I am on the web page. Not in excel.
I found this IEnumerable < TextInfo > variable type - #2 by ddpadil

However, when I type item.color.tostring , I am getting only zeros.

Hello @mario, do you want to take color of some text from a web page, or from a desktop app?
If from web, is it possible to take the take color from the web’s CSS or other attributes?


Unfortunately it is a text inside a desktop application such as calculator.

@mario I have created a custom activity for this… let me know if it works for you.

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Hi @palindrome,

if you comfortable with your package,you can able to upload it into the It helps to others to use your component. To know more. take a look this.


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unfortunately the position is not always fixed.

You have to get the position using get position activity and pass it as an input to this activity.

@balupad14 Done … thank you

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The output is always WHITE

Can you share a screenshot of the element (whose color you want extract) and your flow in UiPath ?


Check out the latest update in my ColorDetector Custom activity. Now it has feature to highlight pixel on the screen.
You can use it to adjust the co-ordinate X and Y.



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Hey, I am Anil Yadav,
I am Lerner, I also Facing the same issue How to Read text color from Screenshot

every time giving the same output.


this is use for red text

Pls anyone help me to resolve this issue

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