Screen Scrap Full Text Not Getting All Columns from Desktop Application Data Grid

Hello, I am trying to get a tabular data from a desktop application’s data grid, and it’s scrollable (which means there are some data unseen unless scrolled). So, I thought the Screen Scraping with Full Text method was most appropriate, but the result was:

[With Full Text Method]
All the rows are extracted (including the the ones unseen unless scrolled). But, don’t know why, only the first column is extracted. The other columns are gone.

[With Native Method]
Shown all the columns, but as expected, only the visible rows.

I tried to check many things but since there’s no that many options in Screen Scraping I soon ran out what to try. Any suggestion why this happened?

(By the way, I am using a desktop application from this RPA Challenge, to get an account list for Wl1)

[Edit] Screenshots added.
What I selected ↓

Native Method Result ↓

Full Method Result ↓