How to get text color from web page?



Hi Team,
How to get text color from web page,If any one have idea or code kindly share that.



Try using get full text method with native then u can get the text along with its color mentioned.

Get text color

get full text method with native. How to use it. Can you explain?


Did you try?


hi @ddpadil i want to get color from text or tab button .Can you give me right way how to find .


Sry, i thought i have heard some method to get text color but that is possible only for excel. But i tried other get text methods and scrapping method but there’s no existing method to get text color.


np :wink:.

Any specific reason why you wants to know the color?
As of now I don’t see any UiPath default activity for this but
there is a costume activity built by @andrzej.kniola which help Get colors from image (may be you can take screenshot of website and save it as image and then use this activity).
andrzej feel free to add if i’m missing something.:slightly_smiling_face:

@ovi shall we move to idea category ? :thinking:


I have a value data table in webpage .We need to find color column and match the column value to a specific value(We need to match Only color value ).


Hi. Did any solve this?