Retrieve color based information in any application

Is there a way to retrieve color based information from any User Interface, using UiPath.

Hi @Visala_Ramanathan,
Could you describe little bit more? Maybe example of what you are considering. It will be easier to help :wink:

Hi @Pablito,

  1. We have web application, in which we have to take decision based on text color. The text color can be Red or Blue or Black.Capture
    The text will vary for each record.

Could you please tell how to handle this.

  1. Generally, what would be your suggestion on retrieving the text color information from any user interface. (eg. From Word Doc, Web app, SAP,etc)


Based on this the only thing I can suggest is to try use some image based activities or check for non standard Packages. Maybe there is some activity which can handle with colors :wink:

I can use image based activities if the text remains same, but it varies for each transaction.

Maybe try to catch the one element which is common “$”. Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

Generally, getting colours is a nightmare… and impossible in some scenarios.
I would suggest exploring the attributes of those selectors in UIExplorer to see if there is anything relating to the colour there - then you could use the Get attribute activity:

Alternatively, is there anywhere else you can navigate to in the same system to view the data in a different format?

No, we have data only in that particular screen.

Hi @Visala_Ramanathan, Have you got any solution for this case.
Thank you.