Get Text Color using the Native Method


Does anyone know how to extract the text color using the Native method?
I know the Native method offers Words Info as a type of output, but I don’t know which method to use to extract the font or text color.


What do you mean by native method? what is your need. do you need color of font present in word document?

I would want to extract the text color of a certain text within a Windows Form application.
After checking the documentation I’ve seen that when Screen Scraping the methods available are Native, FullText or OCR. Native has a separate output where you can Get Words Info, and from there the color might be extracted somehow (link below).

Native - aside from scraping the text, it also captures the position of the text and other text properties such as font style and colour. Think of it like your clipboard doing the copy-paste for you.

That’s what I’m trying to find out.

Hi. Did you get any answer?

Hi Mario,

No I haven’t. I ended up abandoning the search as a workaround was found.