How can the "WordsInfo" output of the native method of Screen Scrapping be used?


Someone could give me a visual or practical example in which it shows how to apply the values ​​extracted in the OutPut WordsI nfo that I indicate in the image.

This corresponds to a Screen Scrapping function using the Native method. I understand that in that variable travels the information relative to the coordinates of the extracted elements but I do not know how I can make use of that information.

I hope to have explained to me,

Thank you very much and greetings.

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Get Words Info – when this check box is selected, Studio also extracts the screen coordinates of each word. Additionally, the Custom Separators field is displayed, that enables you to specify the characters used as separators. If the field is empty, all known text separators are used.

Get more details here:

@Tuhin_Samanta This seems like a cut+paste answer without actually reading the question? The user understands it extracts the info and saves it to a variable, but they asked HOW to use the information

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Thank you for response☺️. WordsInfo variable has properties through which you can retrieve coordinates.

Ok, and how is that process done? How can I make that information useful?

I am interested in knowing this functionality to be able to reference lines of a table that I have to extract by OCR.

If someone can contribute something in this regard I will be very grateful.

A greeting.

So I just created a quick samplethat outputs a Uipath.Core.TextInfo object to play with it and use intellisense to check it out. The properties available for this object are Color, Region, and Text.

TextInfo.Text outputs a string containing the text.

TextInfo.Color outputs a UInteger (not sure what this is?)

TextInfo.Region has a couple functions/properties associated with it, but I have never used it and am not entirely sure what this is. I’d assume it has to do with the screen coordinates though, as it has functions available such as ‘Offset’ or ‘Intersect’

Hello @Dave,

Hope you are doing well. Did you get chance to dig further on this topic?

If we are getting coordinates of each word from the content scraped, how to use it?

Thank You in advance.

@Rishil_Bhatt no unfortunately i never did discover how to use it