Full text vs Native text scraping

Here we have two links with somewhat contradicting info.
First link says Full text captures all visible info

Second link the table says Full text extracts hidden info as well

I tried it in notepad. Native captures only visible text whereas full text captures the entire text in the notepad.
On cmd native captures visible text, full text doesn’t work.

Some clarity on this will be much appreciated.

In this case full text scraper just works like native unless you check the “Hidden option” from the property.
Regards to cmd UIPATH choose which is the best scraper according to target application else user has to choose it.
UiPath’s Scraping Tool is capable of scraping both visible and non-visible UI object. Please note that this will only work using the Native method of screen scraping. This can only work in native Windows application like Windows Command prompt or terminal applications.

using native only visible text was captured on command prompt

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