Get-Text and TypeInto

I am very new at UiPath. Iam trying to get some information with GetText and it doesnt work - I just get the label… The confusing thing is, that typeinto is working on the same inputfield with the same selector-configuration, or did I miss something?

Thanks for helping me!


Open your selector in the Ui Explorer tool and higlight it, this will validate if your selector is mapping the correct element, if not then repair your selector



Check the attributes in uiexplorer tool then try to validate & highlight it you will get to know


Thanks for your pretty fast feedback! At first glance I can’t find the solution, but I’ll have a look.

Thats looks good, doesnt it? But the return ist still “Adresszusatz”…

we would recommend:

critical check the yellow marked part

is the strict selector validation isolated. Kindly not that Strict, Fuzzy target method was selected

I cant get it run… And I tried a lot. Different UI-Frameworks, different Selectors, OCR, but nothing. And I still cant find a reason, why i am able to “Type Into” and i am not able to “Get Text” with the same selector-configuration.
Any other suggestion to debug this?

when possible can you share the XAML?