Need help with Get Text activity for arbitrary text box

Hi I am using the get text activity to grab text that is in a text box. However the text inside the box and the size of the box might change. I fixed the size issue by creating several nested if statements for all of the size options but the bot still doesn’t recognize the text. The bot has also failed validating the same text box I used to indicate.


Is the element you are interacting with in browser window or a windows panel?

Both of these will behave differently with different extraction strategies.

Get Text activity usually works on all elements but if it is a browser window element you can always get the “inner html” from get attribute activity.

In addition, I also would suggest and looking a the selector of the window/s. With what you are describing it most likely is a selector issue.

I believe the text is in the browser window. There is no pop widow that comes up

A screenshot with some masks on your data could help resolve this issue faster as forum members can take a look at the scenario.

It’s a best practice to supplement question with screenshots if you did not get it resolved after some minutes.

Yes this forum is quite active.

Hey so I used the get attribute activity and here is the webpage, ui explorer and the selector

The text I am trying to get is under the subject/Note header and thanks for all your help!

So it is part of a table is it? The one in purple table GUI?

If so, another easier way would be to extract the entire table first and save as a datatable. Why? It’s because I see that it’s a and hmtl tag which must have header and rows associated.

You can use the data scrapping activity to try and scrape the table and then filter our values from the table (for a given column)

If I am not getting it yet, I will ask you to also mark the element you are trying to get text for. Not so easy to know by just looking at selector :slight_smile:

Yes It is a table. How would I extract the entire table?

You can follow the instructions here: Example of Using Data Scraping

It’s a ribbon icon in the studio called data scrapping. It scrapes any html table in its entirety or allows user to scrape table to a particular pagination.

In your case you probably have one row/one page. If the tables goes into several pages, you can use it as well. Quite versatile tool to know.

Is this in StudioX because I only see extract Table Data. But I assume they are similar activities

@Aimon_Flaherty My bad, all this long I did not read your question tag being Studiox. My Studiox knowledge is next to zero.

@prasath17 could you please help with this question.

Hi @Aimon_Flaherty,

You should be able to get this by revisiting your selector and using elements such as tableRow and tableCol as shown below:

It should be something like this.

Please use UiExplorer for this purpose to identify tags/attributes that can be used to uniquely define element.

You would get an option to select/deselct attributes in your selector from right pane in uiexplorer as shown below:

Hope this helps.


Thanks @jeevith. To be honest, I haven’t tried Get text or any other UI Automation in StudioX :frowning_face:.

Get Text, and other Activities that use selectors, don’t care about the size or position of the element on the screen. The selector identifies it based upon other properties. As long as those properties don’t change, the size, position, color, etc of the element don’t matter.

Hi again @Aimon_Flaherty,

Ok this made me try StudioX !
In this .xaml I try to use get text on a sample table row (x,y) element from this link HTML Tables (

You can try replicating the flow and editing the browser and get text activity.

Here are the files: (863.4 KB)

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