Get started with StudioX - Build a Bot Following the RobotPath Steps

Great exercise!

Hi, I see the exercise solution has the Excel actions nested into the Chrome actions whereas I have done the opposite, the Chrome actions (type into etc.) nested inside the open Excel action (with a loop to run through all the raws). Would this be the same or is there any logical reason to do it one way or the other? How’s everyone else done it?

This is so much fun. Cant wait next exercise!

The human to robot path makes sense. It made the logic of the robot clearer.

Great Exercise! I am going to open this in Studio and check what we have there to overcome the Industry selection limitation.

Me too, pity they didn’t mention this in the tutorial

I think it doesn’t matter which is under which as long as we have an access to all the variables we need.

I found a YouTube video solving this problem. Here is the link:

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Perhaps it worked in similar fashion to where the selection changes in a list as you type on the keyboard fast enough.

Very cool simple and helpful exercise

This was fun. I tried to take it to the next level and do all three rows in the excel but haven’t cracked that one yet.
I’ll be back to finish it.

This is a simple and great video to show how to use dynamic selector in Studio X