Get row number in excel for combination of Column Data

I have an excel where i want to get row number for combination of Column values.
ColA Colb ColC
AA 123 Happy
BB 456 Sad
CC 678 Excited

So basically i want row number for combination of ColA+Colb+colc. Like AA123Happy should give row number 1. BB456Sad should give 2.

Thanks in Advance

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Can you please give some more logic for the filtering?
are you trying to find the row number of a particular row which satisfies “AA123Happy” and “BB456Sad”
then the outputs should be 1 and 2 only , but 3 does not satisfy the filter as its “CC678Excited”

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Hi @Shashi123

Add Data Column “RowNumber” using AddDataColumn Activity in your existing DT

Using for each row and assign(“RowNumber”)=Row(“cola”).tostring + row("colb).tostring+row(“colc”).tostring

Then you can write range the value

Hey @saurabhB

dt.Rows.AsEnumerable.Select(Function(obj) String.Join("",obj.ItemArray)).ToList().IndexOf("AA123Happy")

The above statement will help you get index.

Hope that helps.


Use lookup active

So you just want to get the current row index number?
Or you need to get the row index of a given cell value?