Get queue item

i am using get queue items in my workflow and there are 12 records in queue. And there are two fields in each queue item record requestID and RequestDate as shown in Attachment picture. i get all the queues using get queue item with ienumrable output data now i want to get each item requestID and requestDate. and place them in assign variable. will you please help me for this.

  • Use For each item in QueueItems. Specify variable type as QueueItem
  • Assign ReqID = item.specificContent(“RequestID”)
  • Assign ReqDate = item.specificContent(“RequestDate”)
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vivek this is already i used but this is not efficient because there are queues items in orchestrator queue and some were in successful state and some were postponed .we are only getting postpone job with get Queues items. the solution you provided is for valid when we used Get Transaction item but we are using Get queue Items. So provide some solution for that. thanks

Hi @ghazanfar,

In Get Queue items only there is a filter based on status. In get transaction item you can get only one items at a time with status “New”.