Get queue from Orchestrator filtered by date


I have a queue with 20k transaction items.
Somehow I want to extract only specific between two dates.
For example all transaction items from orchestrator queue name “ReportQueue” between date 01.03.2022 and 08.03.2022.

Not sure Get queue items or Get transaction item also how to filter.

Thanks in advance!

we would recommend to have look on the Orchestrator RestAPI as well

A list from Get queue items we can filter e.g. with LINQ as well

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Hi , I also have the same issue.
May I please know how to do it . can u specify please.


I think you can do it without API

Just use the date attribute from QueueItem

Never done it myself but I am sure a quick search will allow you to get the date attribute of a queue item

Thanks, but Quick Search least is 30 days . So I have to search for more than 2000 transactions.

No, this is not what I meant

The QueueItem should have a date attribute

And by quick search I meant to search on Google for that Library

May I know where should I search for it.
I went to orchestrator and opened the Queueitem using View Details. I couldn’t find it.

just open a new topic for your case and get individually help


Not sure this helps. but what you see here are the attributes of the queueitem