'Get Transaction Item'에서 가지고 오는 상태는 'New'만 인가요?

  1. Activity used: Get Transaction Item

  2. The status of ‘Transaction Item’ is New, Successful, Abandoned, Retired, Failed… If you use ‘Get Transaction Item’ Activity, is it randomly selected from among only status ‘New’ ?

Hi @sumouse

The Get Transaction Item Activity gets each transaction item from the Orchestrator Queue which has the status as “New” by Default.

But it has a property to filter out called

Reference -

FilterStrategy - The strategy to use when filtering according to reference. The following options are available:

StartWith- looks for items whose references start with the value indicated in the Reference field.

Equals- looks for items whose references are the same as the value indicated in the Reference field.

Reference - Filters items according to their reference.

Please have a look

If you want to get the Items of various status you can use "Get Queue Item " Activity which gets all the Queue Item based on the “Status” and also using "Priority "


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  1. Does the ‘Get Transaction Item’ Activity always get only the ‘New’ status item?

  2. And, is it possible to put a value in ‘Reference’ only when creating a transaction item?